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We are a happy family of 3. We believe in love, fun and learning and this is what we would like to share via our family blog. On this Toys and Games for Kids page, we have reviewed the toys and games that our daughter Ziya plays with. Each one of them have added value to her development some way or another.

Besides this we also share our family life stories on Movies and TV Series, Gaming and Gadgets as well as Recipes.


Magnetic shapes artwork

Magnetic Shapes: Fun Indoor Kids Activities

Playing with Magnetic shapes is an amazing imagination building and learning tool and one of the fun indoor kids activities. It helps develop their spatial and motor skills and helps boost their morale and build their confidence as well. There comes a time in every parent’s life, wherein they are unable to give their childContinue Reading

LEGO Blocks – Building Memories One Block at a Time

The name “LEGO” is actually derived from an abbreviation of two Danish words “leg” and “godt” which translated into English simply means “play well”. LEGO is one such toy that encourages independent play and allows the child to be as creative and imaginative as humanly possible with no limitations.  Oh and not to forget, youContinue Reading

Child constructing a fort

DIY – Kids Fort Building Kit

Kids fort building kit is great tool to improve a child’s motor and sensory skills. It helps them push their creative side and aids in their development. When my husband used to tell everyone that our daughter is a little version of myself, I used to find it weird. His go to line would beContinue Reading


Uno Flip: Game Night Just Got Interesting

So, there is a good possibility that you have heard or maybe even played the popular card game called UNO or UNO Flip, which is a deviously simple game that has the potential to ruin relations 😈 that is strictly speaking from my personal experience. However it is definitely not as bad as a round ofContinue Reading

Guess Who? The Character Guessing Game

There is an innate sense of accomplishment when you win a game. But some make you feel smart when you pull of a win. One such game that amplifies that feeling is the Guess Who? Game where you need to guess who is the mystery character. All sorts of games such as game of tag,Continue Reading

Perfection board game artwork.

Perfection Board Game: A Fun Game

Some people relish when they are put on the spot and some people just straight up do not do well under pressure. With that being said, the Perfection Board Game asks some tough questions from its players. Think you are good at board games? have good hand-eye coordination? great under pressure? Love timed challenges? Yes!Continue Reading