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We are a happy family of 3. We believe in love, fun and learning and this is what we would like to share via our family blog. You can even call us “Foodies”. I am an aspiring cook with multiple food allergies that uses inherited family recipes or a combination of other recipes available on the internet adjusted to my family’s taste and my allergy requirements. Hence in each recipe you will find relevant credits given.

Besides this we also share our family life stories on Toys and Games for Kids, Gaming and Gadgets as well as Movies and TV Series.


Vegetable pulao served on a plate

Vegetable Pulao Quick And Easy

Have you spent hours figuring out what to cook wherein your brain is of little or no help? Well, this happens to me quiet a bit. In fact it has happened to me lately when the aroma of vegetable pulao from my neighbors house has come to my rescue 😄. This is how having aContinue Reading

Veg crispy made with Ching’s served on a plate

Veg Crispy Made Simple With Ching’s

Do you have family members who are not very fond of vegetables? or do you have family members who are foodies ? Or Are you thinking of a veg appetizer for a get-together?. Then your solution would be this Veg Crispy made with Ching’s. So, one of these days when I was planning to cookContinue Reading

Pav Bhaji Mumbai Style

Pav Bhaji is a popular veg Indian street food which I happily prepare 2 ways: with dairy (the authentic way) as well as dairy free (for those who suffer from a dairy allergy). In English, Pav means bread and Bhaji means thick vegetable curry. It brings back great memories right from eating it at JuhuContinue Reading


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Mutton curry with fenugreek leaves served in a bowl

Mutton Curry with Fenugreek (Methi) Leaves

In all honesty there are very few mutton recipes that I can cook well. One such super easy and delicious non veg recipe is Mutton Curry with Fenugreek (Methi) Leaves. Mutton in this curry refers to goat meat whereas Fenugreek leaves is also known as methi leaves. There are several benefits of fenugreek leaves andContinue Reading

Chicken tava kebab made without Egg placed on a plate with onions and lemon

Chicken Tava Kebab Without Egg

During my childhood years my mother always had it rough, my dad was an absolute foodie and I on the other hand was an extremely picky eater who loved all kinds of kebab and fried items. So the poor woman always had this juggling act that she would need to pull in order to makeContinue Reading

Chicken steak with black pepper sauce, carrots, french beans and mashed potato served on a plate

Chicken Steak with Black Pepper Sauce

Chicken steak with black pepper sauce has been our go to non veg recipe when we as a family get bored of the regular rice and curry dishes. Although it’s quite simple to make, it has 4 parts to it which makes it a slightly lengthy process. Hence the day I decide to make thisContinue Reading


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List of Herbs and Spices

This guide contains a list of herbs and spices that I have used in my recipes. It is specifically created keeping in mind all those who are new to this culinary world as well as for those who are new to Indian spices. Before I got married there were only 2 things I knew toContinue Reading