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We are a happy family of 3. We believe in love, fun and learning and this is what we would like to share via our family blog. Amongst many things that we love to do as a family watching movies is one of them. On this Movies/ TV Series page we review the movies and TV that we have watched.

Besides this we also share our family life stories on Toys and Games for Kids, Gaming and Gadgets as well as Recipes.

Movies/ TV Series

Sonic the Hedgehog movie poster

Sonic the Hedgehog – A Nostalgic Trip in the Fast Lane

Movies based on video games or video game characters that have been a commercial success or reviewed highly are somewhat of a rarity. This kind of success, has eluded media companies like MGM, Paramount, Twentieth Century Fox, Sony Pictures etc. It’s the ultimate gamble, because the more popular the source material (Sonic the Hedgehog theContinue Reading

Squid game banner image for blog

Squid Game – How Much Is Your Humanity Worth?

The rise in the popularity of K-Pop outside of South Korea has been happening for sometime now where most people have heard of famous bands like BTS & BLACKPINK. The same could be said of the South Korean cinema, where movies such as Parasite and Train to Busan have shined a light on foreign cinemaContinue Reading

THE BATMAN – Should We Be Excited?

It will be almost a year since the first teaser trailer of “The Batman” dropped at the DC FanDome event. Where we got to see the first real look at director Matt Reeves’s vision for the iconic capped crusader – Batman. Now, I know that it has been 11 months+ since the trailer dropped andContinue Reading

Movie banner of The Tomorrow War.

The Tomorrow War: How much would you sacrifice?

“The Tomorrow War” is the latest addition to the Amazon Prime Video’s ongoing movie catalogue. The Sci-Fi film was originally set for a theatrical movie release. However due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, Paramount pictures sold the rights to Amazon. Arguably, the biggest name in this Sci-Fi action adventure is Chris Pratt. Who is knownContinue Reading

Army of the Dead on Netflix

Zombies + Bank robbery + Zack Snyder = Netflix being like “shut up and make the movie already”. Everyone likes an action movie, whether you are there for the ludicrous premise or for the stunts and action sequences, stuff blowing up all around and the “Oh come on now” moments of disbelief. No! I amContinue Reading