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We are a gaming family of 3. We believe in love, fun and learning and this is what we would like to share via our family blog. On this Gaming and Gadgets page, we write about the video games we play on Nintendo Switch and PS4 Pro and reviews on gadgets that we have used or been using as a family.

Besides this we also share our family life stories on Toys and Games for Kids, Movies and TV Series as well as Food Recipes.


Banner image of PlayStation showcase event 2021

Sony PlayStation Showcase Event 2021

So, the Sony PlayStation Showcase event happened on the 9th of September 2021 and boy was it a doozy. Incase you were like me and somehow completely missed it. The entire event is available at the link below, also it is unfortunately age restricted due to the violent nature of some games that were shown.  HavingContinue Reading

New Switch and controller

Is it a New Switch though?

So on the 6th of July Nintendo finally announced their new Switch version or should I say revision. To be honest I mostly have mixed feelings about it. We have been using the Switch as our go to console since we bought it last November in the year 2020. Despite of being well aware that thereContinue Reading


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IPad 10.2 with pencil

Apple iPad 10.2 (9th Gen) – Best Budget Tablet?

My daughter’s first iPad has been my old iPad Mini (2nd Gen) for over 3 + years now and the battery has finally given up on us. Sure, I could get it fixed locally or I could order the replacement kit from i-Fixit but it would only ship to my neigbouring middle east country which againContinue Reading

Elgato HD60 S+ package contents

Elgato HD60 S+ Worth the price of admission?

Are you looking to start your own YouTube gaming channel? or stream on Twitch? or even just to upload gameplay videos on your various social media platforms? then having a game capture device or a video capture device such as Elgato HD60 S+ not only becomes an advantage but also a necessity.   The New NormalContinue Reading

Samsung S20 FE And it’s features

Samsung S20 FE: 5 Months Later, Worth It?

On February 11th 2021, after a lot of back and forth I finally pulled the trigger and bought myself a new Samsung S20 FE 5G. To say that, I needed a new phone was an understatement. I was rocking a Samsung Galaxy S8 up until this point. In my previous article “Welcome to the Future” IContinue Reading

The Apple Magic Keyboard – Is It Really Worth It?

So, is the Magic Keyboard worth it? Lets find out. Apple has this way of telling us what we want and they know what is best for us. Allow me to explain, a masterstroke they pulled off in 2016; Now I am not saying that each and every one of us did this but a vast majority of us acceptedContinue Reading

Samsung S20 FE

Welcome to the Future: Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

So I currently rock a Samsung Galaxy S8 and an iPhone  6S 😱YES, I say that proudly cause I really like these phones and I use both of them on a daily basis and YES, I know in tech years I am the relic of the past shouting at the kids who drive by in their hover cars way too fast. The iPhone  isContinue Reading

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