Month: February 2021

  • Healthy Palak/ Spinach Chicken

    Healthy Palak/ Spinach Chicken

    There is no denying the fact that Spinach is a superfood. These leafy greens have so much to offer right from boosting the hydration, strengthening the immune system to keeping the eyes healthy. Chicken on the other hand is a lean protein with high nutritional value. When you combine these two, you get nothing but […]

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  • The Making of Our Logo using Procreate

    The Making of Our Logo using Procreate

    Sooooo…. you can make the website logo, right? She said it with a smile and full of confidence, besides how hard can it be for you? You can draw right! 😱 There were so many things I could have said at that moment but none of it would have been smart and argument wining though, 😓 but I took it as a challenge and boy was I in for a ride. As […]

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  • Gaming News 21/02/2021

    Gaming News 21/02/2021

    Nintendo had released their 50 min direct, where they announced what games were coming to the switch in 2021 & 2022. See the video below 👇 Key takeaways for me from the direct were: Mario Golf Splatoon 3 Animal Crossing Mario Update Legend of Zelda – Skyward sword HD (this last one is up for debate as the word on street […]

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  • Welcome to the Future: Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

    Welcome to the Future: Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

    So I currently rock a Samsung Galaxy S8 and an iPhone  6S 😱YES, I say that proudly cause I really like these phones and I use both of them on a daily basis and YES, I know in tech years I am the relic of the past shouting at the kids who drive by in their hover cars way too fast. The iPhone  is […]

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  • DIY – Kids Fort Building Kit

    DIY – Kids Fort Building Kit

    Kids fort building kit is great tool to improve a child’s motor and sensory skills. It helps them push their creative side and aids in their development. When my husband used to tell everyone that our daughter is a little version of myself, I used to find it weird. His go to line would be […]

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  • Easy Pancake Recipe With Cream Cheese Frosting

    Easy Pancake Recipe With Cream Cheese Frosting

    Every child or for that matter even an adult deserves a treat once in a while, wouldn’t you agree?. These pancakes are one such treat my daughter Ziya thoroughly enjoys. In this blogpost I will share with you a pancake recipe which you can make from scratch with a healthier variation to it as well. […]

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